Photography Pricing Structure

Creative Fee

What level of service is required to complete the project? Multiple factors determine the creative fee including size, difficulty, skill and equipment required.

Assessed and Estimated Hourly

Creative Direction

The creative direction of a shoot is key in determining time and cost. Is this an Arch shoot? Is it Lifestyle or both? We can shoot anything, but we request keeping to a single point of view per shoot day, to maintain consistency across the images.

Assessed and Estimated in Hourly

Prepping the Space

What our eyes see and what the camera sees are two totally different things. Each space needs some adjusting so that it looks its best on camera. This is not redesigning a room! Instead, it's styling for the camera, and creating the most for the image.

Built into hourly rate

Post Processing

Complete and extensive editing process to achieve portfolio quality, including blending and lighting adjustments, color correction, perspective correction, and more. Oftentimes, post processing consumes more time than the shoot itself.

estimated into hourly rate

Cost Sharing

Cost sharing is a very common practice when photographing a project. By bringing in just one additional party you can save on photography for your project. Discounts increase for each additional party brought into the photoshoot.

determined prior to estimate

Current General Cost Averages

Rates are currently running $160-$250 per labor hour. Post processing is running slightly longer in labor hours than a shoot on average. For example, an 8 hour shoot may require 9-10 hours of post-processing. The invoice would be billed for ~17-18 hours. Most travel in the Hudson Valley and Catskills regions are included in this rate. The assistant, creative fee are included as well.

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Cost sharing is a great way to save money on shoots. Other parties who may want to use the images, can purchase an additional license at a reduced cost which in turn, lowers your cost. Everyone wins. Let us know who else might be interested in these images. cmd/ctrl to select multiple

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