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Direct email is hello@lawrencebraun.photography

Pricing and Packages are below, travel added @.58 per business mile, lifetime usage of imagery and footage included. Typical turnaround times is 3 days for photo and 4 days for video for standard properties. For next day deliveries, please notify me in the form. Next Day delivery is not available for video. Prices effective 08-07-2020

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Ideal times to shoot are within 3 hours of Sunrise or Sunset. Unless there is no flexibility, try to avoid setting up midday times with yout clients.

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Pricing & Packages

Premium Photography Shoot

Daylight hours, 5-10 main images with off-camera lighting/ tripod. Three Hours of shooting.Secondary spaces shot handheld with on-board fill flash. Windows views always shown unless otherwise discussed. Up to 2000sq. Larger listings require custom price

$700 - Includes Drone Stills

Twilight Shoot

add-on. Premium shoot + bluelight hour exteriors. For homes with good window light, twilight shoots create mood and atmosphere and stand out amongst all listings because of the eye catching nature of the images.

$200 + added to Premium Shoot

Drone Stills

Agents know the importance of highlighting views and giving buyers more perspective when viewing a property online. In order to achieve this, we often need to take to the skies.

Free with Premium shoot, may be added to Quick Shoot or purchased a la carte

$500 alone // $200 add-on

Property Videos

Interior and exterior videos 60 sec with titles and logos. Combined drone and 4K steady gimbal walk-through footage of the interior delivered in multiple aspects for all social media platforms.///$750

Quick Shoot // $400

Daylight + Handheld, Single on-board light. No guarantee of window views. Up to 2000Sqft. Plus Exteriors. Best for budget listings, Land-only or non-furnished properties.

PHoto + Aerial + Video Combo // $1500

Have a listing that needs it all? Save $100 by adding all three to a package. Roughly 4 hours of time is needed for 2000sq ft and below, and you'll receive a full Premium Photo Shoot plus cinematic coverage both by handheld steadycam as well as drone footage. all shot in 4K resolution. For exclusive properties with more living space to cover, we assess together and a custom price is agreed upon.

General pricing for Large properties


Half Day - $1250

Day Rate - $2500


Half Day - $1250

Day Rate - $2500

Photo + Video together

Half Day - $2250

Day Rate - $3850